Make our planet great again!

[av_textblock size=“ font_color=“ color=“ custom_class=“ admin_preview_bg=“]Dear Mr. Trump,

you gave the brush-off to the Paris Agreement. Your perspective is to boost the “old economy” in the short term by slowing down the energy transition. Mr. president, do you seriously think the climate change will stop at the US border?

Climate change is a global matter. Your decision has an impact on all of us, all the inhabitants of this planet, our planet.

Several politicians, entrepreneurs and citizens from all over the world share the same opinion. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, says: “Some of us know what a clean energy future looks like and it isn’t scary […] No one remembers the people who told President Kennedy no to go to the moon. We remember the great leaders. The great leaders that don’t walk backwards into the past, but great leaders that charge forward towards the future. Like all of the great movements in history, our clean future starts with a grassroots movement in our communities, in our cities and our states.” Arnold Schwarzenegger, June 2017

Since many years, entrepreneurs like us are developing ideas, jobs and new business models to protect our planet from climate change. Innovative solutions for a thriving global community. We are the new generation. Common people believing in cutting-edge and clean technology. Do you expect that any of us is going to follow you and quit on global climate goals? You are mistaken. We were already working on it long before you took the decision to drop the Paris Agreement.

You are willing to leave the leadership on the planet’s climate to others. Well, our spirit is high and we are happy to take it. The ground which we are building on is solid. It is made of concrete results which the global community achieved during the first years of this century. We want to give you a chance to assess them yourself. So we are going to show them to you by sharing a success story every week on our blog until the G20 in Hamburg in July.

“Who ever we are we all share same responsibility. Make our planet great again!”

Emmanuel Macron




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