Small scale production facilities – No.3 G20 series

In our past two articles of our Blog-Series we wrote about two of the key arguments of Mr. Trump against the energy transition. First, renewables being uneconomical and second, that the energy transition not creating new jobs. On the contrary, energy from renewable sources is getting more affordable and competitive than traditional assets and emerging business within the industry create numerous new jobs.

Another argument of Mr. Trump against the energy-transition seems to be more trivial: renewable energy plants look ugly. The new Tesla tiles are an example to prove the opposite. They are solar roof panels in the shape of traditional roof tiles. Not only, are they indistinguishable from traditional roofing products, but they are also supposed to be more affordable than a conventional rooftop.

Considering solar panels generate excess power at times, the investment will also generate money due to feed-in-compensation. Tesla estimates the energy produced by a 160-square meter roof covered in their tiles, will generate about 66.000 € over a period of 30 years.

Tesla’s technology is an example for the future energy production, which will be fragmented and decentralized – in a nutshell: shifting towards numerous small scale production facilities. This does not imply that there is no longer a need for larger wind or solar parks. However, it does suggest  that small renewable plants will blend in seamlessly into everyday life and contain the rollout of bigger power transmission lines, if the energy is also locally consumed. This leads to one of the most prominent challenges of the energy transition: Maintaining the stability and the efficiency of local grids, while dealing with the volatility of renewables. This is can be achieved by involving all stakeholders via innovative technologies.

This story is the third of our series “Make our planet great again”. We intend to show Mr. Trump that the Paris agreement and the energy transition go far beyond idealism. We will publish a success story per week until the G20 in Hamburg in July



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