Redefining Energy Efficiency- no. 5 G20 Series

In the past four blog articles, we proved wrong the main arguments of Mr. Trump against the energy transition. We showed how successful businesses and pricing is actually reduced due to renewable technologies.  The previous articles can be found here:

In this last issue of our Blog Series #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain, we are going to focus on a new understanding of energy efficiency. So far, energy efficiency was all about saving power. We believe that energy efficiency should rather be about using renewables when they are actually being produced. This is why:

First, renewable energy is being produced more and more from smaller facilities. The challenge for the energy system lies within their intermittent and volatile production.

Second, thanks to the Internet-Of- Things, consumption facilities can be now controlled to shift loads and use the energy in a better way – namely, synchronising the consumption with the actual production.

And finally, the energy consumption in the next decades will be increasing anyways, as stated by several studies such as one by Agora Energiewende. So, while lowering one’s energy consumption makes sense, the overall potential of energy savings is limited.

For these reasons, there is a considerable potential to shift energy consumption towards the natural energy production. This is what we call an efficient use of renewable energy: using the ‘’right” energy when it is naturally generated in abundance. This benefits the grid and the market, making renewables more profitable for suppliers and cheaper for consumers by reducing grid inefficiencies.

At present, shifting loads is viable B2B-scenario, but will be an option for households in the future. Utilities have already business models based on that thought. Green Energy UK launched a tariff where customers pay different prices per kWh during fix periods of the day. The Austrian energy supplier Awattar offers tariffs with flexible pricing that change on an hourly basis. They also created a gateway that allows adjusting consumption facilities to the natural power production.

With the G20-summit around the corner, we’ve shown multiple successful projects based on renewables. During the past days, the leaders of the European nations stated, they will stick together in their efforts to reach the Paris Agreement climate goal. So Mr. Trump, consider the businesses and technology that create jobs and reduce the pricing of energy. It is time to support renewables, rather than sticking to an old technologies and fuels.

This story is the fifths of our series “Make our planet great again”. We intend to show Mr. Trump that the Paris agreement and the energy transition go far beyond idealism. We will publish a success story per week until the G20 in Hamburg in July.



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