Emerging Business – No.2 G20 series

In our past blog post we addressed one of the loudest arguments of Mr. Trump against the energy transition: the presumably high cost of energy generation from renewable sources. The market development proves Mr. Trump wrong. Energy from conventional sources may not be the cheapest solution after all. In this issue of our blog we are going to address the other well-known argument against the energy transition: the assumption that it is not adding value to our industry.In fact, there are several examples that prove this assumption wrong. First of all, the energy transition started with energy cooperatives. Ventures created by private people to take responsibility for sustainable energy supply and climate protection. By now there are over 850 energy cooperatives in Germany, this means more than 180.000 German citizens commit their selves to participate in the energy transition. These people invest private money to found and run their own wind or solar park. What they share is the mission of a decentralized, concern-independent and ecological energy generation. As already shown in the blog article 2 from our G20 series, energy cooperatives and communities are a great solution for a decentralized energy revolution – and it works! Secondly, the energy sector is one of the last industries that is going to be digitalized. This offers huge opportunities for new entrants from other industries and in particular from ICT. There are more than 40.000 unfulfilled jobs offers for software developers. Visualization and monitoring tools, IOT-devices, demand-side management solutions, blockchain concepts or energy management software come into the market to transform the old system. It is a software driven energy transition: cheap and scalable. Finally, institutions like the German energy agency (dena) realized how the impact from software in the energy transition is going to have a significant impact on our society and are getting more and more committed to support it.Dena CEO Andreas Kuhlman just said: “Energy transition in 15 years will be completely different from the energy transition of the past 15 years. We have to rethink, ask new questions, allow new things and be brave and determined to make the energy transition a progress project.” (in EW 2, 2017, page 10-13) Dena is going to present top 100 startups at G20 in Hamburg and OEEX is one of them. This story is the second of our series “Make our planet great again”. We intend to show Mr. Trump that the Paris agreement and the energy transition go far beyond idealism. We will publish a success story per week until the G20 in Hamburg in July

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