OEEX is a Top 100 energy startup #GET100

At the beginning of 2017 we entered the “Start Up Energy Tansition Awards” – an award that rewards startups in the energy industry with innovative ideas to accelerate the transition towards renewables and protect the global climate.

The German Energy Agency (dena) has chosen OEEX for their international list of the top 100 which is a spin-off from the “Start Up Energy Transition Awards”.

The list was already sent to the heads of state and governments of countries who take part in the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg. The idea is, to highlight the importance of innovation to tackle the global climate change. The #GET100 list is a base for discussion at the summit and also an example for startups that successfully combine innovation and business while making the transition towards renewables more sustainable.

Click here, for a full list of all top 100 startups.