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OEEX at COP23: A world powered only by renewable energies is technologically feasible

Sceptics of the energy transition argue that renewables are not reliable, costly and that we should therefore continue to rely on fossil fuels – at least in the near future. A newly published study by Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the Energy Watch Group (EWG) proves them wrong: It has shown that power supply from renewable sources […]

G20 Blog-Series – A Roundup

Last weekend the G20 summit took place in Hamburg. Although it was overshadowed by violent protests, the heads of state still sent an important signal: While Trumps maintains his position, and withdraws from the Paris Agreement, the other G19 nations expressed their commitment to the climate agreement and will join their efforts to slow global warming. The statement of the G20 reads: “The leaders of the other G20 members state that the […]

Redefining Energy Efficiency- no. 5 G20 Series

In the past four blog articles, we proved wrong the main arguments of Mr. Trump against the energy transition. We showed how successful businesses and pricing is actually reduced due to renewable technologies.  The previous articles can be found here: Bornholm: A 100% Renewable Energy Island – No.4 G20 series Small scale production facilities – […]

Small scale production facilities – No.3 G20 series

In our past two articles of our Blog-Series we wrote about two of the key arguments of Mr. Trump against the energy transition. First, renewables being uneconomical and second, that the energy transition not creating new jobs. On the contrary, energy from renewable sources is getting more affordable and competitive than traditional assets and emerging business […]


OEEX is a Top 100 energy startup #GET100

At the beginning of 2017 we entered the “Start Up Energy Tansition Awards” – an award that rewards startups in the energy industry with innovative ideas to accelerate the transition towards renewables and protect the global climate. The German Energy Agency (dena) has chosen OEEX for their international list of the top 100 which is […]


Renewable Energies: A threat for the market?

Renewables affect all assets on the market and are part of the reason for declining revenues. Still, the reason for this are not the power sources itself, but the system which is not made for decentralized energy production.   In 2016, the electricity demand for Germany was entirely covered by renewables for the first time. […]